Create Gmail Branded Email Integrate With Gmail Easy Steps

Branded emails are the emails which consist with your website. If you have the website and the web hosting available then you can easily access. And create the branded email address easily. I got my personal account but for some official reasons I have changed my email address to branded email address. I receive emails official on this and in Gmail inbox. I receive all the emails into my Gmail account.

Branded Gmail Account

Today I will tell you how you can get emails using branded emails into your Gmail account, you can use that email account with any best email client and it will work just like normal email ID, but it’s more powerful than the usual one. You have to create Gmail branded email address to use this service. I have created video for this purpose and tips are also written in the form of text.

Create Gmail Branded Email Integrate With Gmail Easy Steps

  • Create Gmail Branded Email Address
  • Attach the branded email address with the Gmail account
  • Watch the tutorial video to learn the step by step guide

Follow the steps to make Branded Email Addresses

  • You must have a website with web hosting so that you can make the branded email address. Go to your website and into your CPanel content page find the email section and create new email address from the following method in the below video:

Associate your Gmail account with branded email address

  • Create and login to your Gmail account and there is a Tab Called Settings click on the settings
  • There is another option on the settings page that is Account & Import click on it
  • Now click on Send Mail as and click on add another email address
  • In the next step a new window will open, write the name of your account and branded email address
  • Now click on the next step and just go to your C Panel and then Email
  • There will be another option of Configure email address, click on it
  • Now the username of the website is same and the password is also the same
  • Now you have to select the Add account option and select the access web mail now you can check your email address and will get all the emails at one place.
  • You will be getting a link into your website, open it and verify your account, now all the emails will be sent to your Gmail account.

This information is valid and you can get your official emails into your Gmail account, it is easy to manage the emails right away into your inbox. Please share it with your friends and create Gmail branded email for free.

Why Not Utilize WhatsApp Positively?

As now a day’s ever other individual who is carrying a Smartphone has registered profile on WhatsApp, that’s why WhatsApp population has risen to over 800 million users. So, if a modern day platform like WhatsApp has this enormous people on it, why not use it positively – not for any negative tactics. We are saying negative in a sense that we come across privacy invasion issues of many WhatsApp users and even many users who send humiliating or offending content via WhatsApp. These issues are making the world’s most popular and widely used Smartphone app platform bit of polluted.


Therefore, it’s apt to utilize such an amazing free instant chatting and free voice calling app more positively for making contact with people you want – no matter where ever they are in this world. Furthermore, ever WhatsApp users can show your level of attitude to others via Whatsapp status messages, to do that get some attitude whatsapp status from Pingzic. Since now a day’s abundance of WhatsApp status messages is being created every day and posted on various websites for users to access and later use them on their profiles. These amazing and unique status messages can be used for greeting other WhatsApp contacts – whenever they visit your profile. This is also the easiest and unique way of wishing your WhatsApp contacts on any festival with some beautifully crafted WhatsApp status in accordance to that.

Furthermore, WhatsApp’s positive usage can be made for making other people happy by sharing humorous videos and images with them with just one you’re from your Smartphone’s. Also the prime reason why WhatsApp have become so popular is its knack of allowing users to make instant chatting with many tempting features including voice messages, and several supported files sharing, which makes the chat more interesting. So, why not use this free instant chatting and newly furnished free voice calling feature more positively. The feature permits anyone With a Smartphone installed with WhatsApp to get connected to any other WhatsApp contact at anytime from anywhere. This feature can be utilized for keeping in touch with your family and friends, which lives far from you in some other city or even some other country.

WhatsApp have become such a rage that now it should be used aptly for getting maximum respite from it of remaining in touch with people who cares for you the most. Also user can also send and receive important images and video clips as well instantly via WhatsApp from other people to view. Let me quote an example here that how WhatsApp features positive use is so significant. Think if you live away from home with your wife only and you become father of a newly born, using WhatsApp you can instant click and send baby’s picture to some in back home to look at it. Just imagine how wonderful your whole family would feel after seeing the baby – even living far away from where you are.

Thus make use of WhatsApp in a more constructive manner for making a difference in society; this can be initiated by making a dedicated group regarding any issue over WhatsApp simply – for finding ways to address the issue.

Android Apps for Orthodox Easter Sunday

Easter is a worldwide event that is celebrated by the followers of Christian religion. Easter 2015 was celebrated on 5 April 2015, however the Orthodox Christians celebrated the Easter a week later. The Orthodox Christianity, the season of Pascha begins on Pascha and ends on the start of fortieth (Feast of the Ascension) day.

Easter Eggs Painting

The Followers of Orthodox Christianity are mostly belongs to Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. The Orthodox Christians celebrated Easter later due to two big reasons:

Differences in Calendar

Adherence or stick approach by Orthodox Followers to early practices of the Christian Church.

This Post enlightens Trending Easter Apps 2015 you should try:

1: Orthodox Calendar:

This Android App helps you to know the Orthodox events. Orthodox Calendar for Android is available in full English Version as well. As a follower of Orthodox Christianity, this Android App help you to locate the Orthodox events, Orthodox Holidays and to locate the Orthodox Easter Event.

2: Easter Greetings:

Egg is a symbol of life and fertility in Christianity. Easter Eggs are main source of attraction for all Christian people across the world, especially for kids and girls. People enjoy the Easter Egg painting and Easter Egg Games. This Android Game helps you to Pain your Easter Egg and have fun. You can paint your Easter egg with choice of colors, with your favorite pattern glitters.

You can boil your Easter Egg and can also apply different expressions and so many decorative patterns, while the app support backgrounds and wallpaper personalization.

3: Easter Bunny run:

This Funny Easter Android App is a race of struggle between terrifying Grizzly Bear, as Easter Bunny, you need to save yourself. Easter Bunny Run is an addictive and exhilarating arcade game play. The game testify your skills in jumping, whirls, slides and test your nerves to save the bunny’s life from hungry bear. Collect coins as they will boost up your energy.

You will love to explore all 7 continents of earth. You can upgrade to supporting equipments to survive for long.

4: Biblia Ortodoxa, Rugaciuni:

Biblia Ortodoxa works as a reader for you as it includes 500 Orthodox Prayers and Christian religion writings. You need not to connect to internet, as these prayers are available offline. This app is in Romanian language and is a Free Gift for Romanian Orthodox Followers.

5: Easter Eggs:

Easter Eggs is a Free Android Game that matches 3 jewels puzzle. Easter Eggs was launched by Titan Inc Developers on 30 September 2014. You have to match three or more eggs of same color to get scores and other hidden bonuses. Whenever you match three or more same color eggs, they will burst. You have to score as high as you can to gain one star, two stars or three stars. This Android Easter Eggs Game spans over 120 levels and is available in different modes.

Motorola Droid Turbo Comes with Verizon

Motorola Droid Turbo focuses to provide blazing speed, better use experience improved specs with affordability. Further you will get sharper image and Ultra Thin design as well. You will enjoy the stunning 21 MP Primary Camera, Turbo Charging, and one for all, the Droid Phone.

Motorola Droid Turbo
Credit: Verizon

The Phone was announced in the month of October 2014, and once again Motorola choose Verizon as it Telecom Carrier which shows concrete relationship between the two companies. The sale of Motorola Droid Turbo is on its way, you can order it from stores and online portals as well.

Here is the analytical review of Motorola Droid Turbo:

Display and Design:

Motorola Droid Turbo got its inspiration from it’s predecessor and Moto X. It has been marked as a reliable Droid Phone with improved specs. Motorola claimed the build is made up of Unique material and enduring protection. On it’s back side you can find the stamp of Verizon, Droid, lightweight ballistic nylon made back, and materialized design include rear cover along with Kevlar fiber layer to make a perfect design of it. It got a 5.2 inch 2560*1440 Quad High Definition Display with a rich density of 565 PPI (Pixels Per Inch) which gives a sharp and clear image, display also got Corning Gorilla Glass 3. So are you ready to feel the heat of sharpest Phone of 2014 year.


Motorola Droid Turbo offers the 4K Ultra HD Snapdragon 805 Processor Chipset that adds more fun to gaming, HD Video and support up to 55MP Digital Photos, Motorola Droid Turbo got Quad Core Krait 450 Processor with a blazing 2.7 GHz clocking speed and Adreno 420 GPU.


Motoroal Droid Turbo offers two Internal Memory options, i.e. 32 GB and 64 GB, the only thing that is unfavorable is you can’t extend internal memory further, so better is to choose what you need. Underneath, Motorola Droid Turbo has 3 GB RAM, that is surely enough for multitasking.


Motorola Droid Turbo gets a 21 Mega Pixels Camera with Dual LED Flash that makes clear pictures clear even in dark areas. 2160 Pixels resolution and capability of recording videos @ 24 FPS allows you to shoot some remarkable video shoots. You are provided with a 2 MP Secondary Camera on its front side.


Motorola Droid Turbo needs Power bank for its 565 PPI Density and high resolution, Motorola has supplied it with 3900 mAh battery that can provides 48 hours of mixed usage, however it can last for 72 hours for making calls, video playing, gaming and browsing web as well. You have also the support of Turbo charger which will charge your phone for to use for next 8 hours in just 15 minutes.


Motorola Droid Turbo priced @ $199.99 with a two years of contract or $24.99 per month. To order Motorola Droid Turbo (with Verizon Wireless), Click Here

Nokia Comeback with Nokia N1 Android Tablet

Nokia Mobiles were indeed inspiration for millions of people, however after Microsoft acquire Nokia Mobiles, many people (common man) thought that they might never see any other Nokia related devices, however Nokia has make a comeback to give all such people a surprise, this time not with a Mobile Device, but with first ever Nokia made Tablet Device.

Nokia N1
credit: Facebook

Now Microsoft has acquired the rights of Nokia Mobiles, however Nokia still manages to launch its first ever Android based Tablet device.

Nokia N1:

Nokia announced in previous Week about the launch of its first Tablet device, fans of Nokia welcome the announcement, however critics marked resemblance of Nokia N1 Tablet with Apple iPad mini 3, even some people called Nokia N1 a clone of iPad mini 3, but the case is not really like that, there should be something different, innovative or iteration.

To mark the difference between the two devices, we have to gone through their specs and features.

Screen and Design:

People who call Nokia N1 just a clone of iPad mini 3 gave arguments that Nokia N1 has same features like 7.9 inches of screen with IPS Display and LED Backlit, same resolution of 2048*1536 and even same Pixels Per Inch Density of 326. So what is new thing? Nokia N1 has a laminated display and is 0.7 mm thinner than iPad mini 3, further Nokia N1 comes in Natural Aluminum and Lava Gray colors.

Performance Difference:

Nokia N1 gets a 64 bit Intel Atom Z3580 Processor with a clocking speed of 2.5 GHz, it is supplied with PowerVR G6430 Graphics Processing Unit, on the other hands, iPad mini 3 gets a Apple A7 64 bit architecture and M7 motion coprocessor. We cant compare the two processor for their Clocking speed as Apple didn’t mention the speed of its processor. Apple offers more storage options of 16, 64 and 128 GB.

Battery Comparison:

Apple powers iPad mini 3 with a power of 23.9 Wh battery, while Nokia N1 is not any near of it, Nokia has equipped its tablet with a  18.5 Wh battery, but using Nokia N1 with Android Lollipop battery saving features, you can manage to beat iPad mini 3 I terms of more usage, though no in terms of more battery power.


As now, Apple is very sticky to run its devices on its premium and dedicated Operating System, so iPad mini 3 off course runs on iOS 8, while Nokia has chosen Latest Android 5.0 Lollipop User Interface instead of Windows Phone OS. So you can enjoy those options on Android Lollipop which are missing in iOS 8 like Multiple User Accounts and others.


With such resemblance and iterations and differences, you are free to chose your own choice, however when it comes to price fact, Nokia N1 has a clear edge over iPad mini 3, as you can have Nokia N1 for $249 as compared to iPad mini 3 that comes with $399 price tag.